Deklarata e Noizy-t për s eks, këngëtaret heshtin

NOIZYTUNALast week within the supplement "Bluetooth" was revealed interview Noizy-t, wherever the rapper expressed that he had had sex with many outstanding scenes as Tuna and Adelina. He even went additional showing intimacy details, just like the incontrovertible fact that the bed they were wild. This statement was one commented news throughout the week, that mentioned singers have passed heshtje.Tuna most popular to stay silent and not create any investigate this issue, attempting to pass with as very little fuss , despite the fact that many of us and her colleagues aforementioned that whereas she and Noizy-n were a part of "The Sun" on Top-Channel, it had been clear tenderness between the 2. whereas Adelina Tahiri, in AN interview given to "Mapo" explained the event in its version. She aforementioned with conviction that has nothing to try and do with this news, as Noizy-n merely respects as creative person and co have met solely doubly.