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Photo of a couple’s marriage Kosovo has opened legal problems for Sir Alex Ferguson. The story began when Ferguson has seen this photo and comment below.
In pictures show a married couple in a football field where the groom has taken the position of the goalkeeper and the bride has put his foot on the ball. Photo of distributed social networks, has arrived to Manchester United manager, who has commented on this photo best words that has set in his profile.
“Marriage of true football fans” he wrote below the photo. Shortly thereafter, the bride and groom have expressed deep gratitude for the comment. Groom asked Ferguson manager to support the cause of Kosovo to join international football.
The problem is the file that has your picture, Mountain Rezniqi, who has said he will sue Sir Alex Ferguson-in for the publication of this photo without his authorization. While the couple added that they were the ones who released the picture on social networks is their right to do what they want because it is their holiday photo.